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music/projects/art - the concept

 "synaesthetic" is simply a term for combining all kinds of arts into one holistic concept. my concerts aim at touching people on every level of senses. for centuries the arts, spirituality and science have been separated. but if you look deeper you will find that they have one single source in common: the eternal.
there is one thing I know: human beings are spiritual beings and are therefore able to become aware of the divine in all its pureness with no interpretation needed.
there is one thing I do my best for: create a space where human beings can open themselves to that experience. I dedicate the best of my professional and personal skills to a performance that nourishes the audience. We all deserve the best music, wonderful artists, serious science and great architecture. in an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation. that is what music/projects/art stands for.

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a short review of the past 

LUX 40 - standing ovations for  the spectacular project at the munich postpalast


phi  - j. s. bach's art of the fuge and the cosmic order

1,6180..........infinite - this figure can be found in every single dynamic process of the universe - it symbolizes the development of life itself. j.s. bach's art of the fugue has always been an enigma.
the renowned moder nstring quartet will perform this masterpiece in his own version according to the berlin autograph, combined with the reaction of water on bach's music. a real time experience on how the creative power of sound moves the most sensitive element on earth - the water.

modern string quartet, alexander lauterwasser, dir.: michaela pods-aue
munich, 25 th july, 2009 at 08:00 PM
reviews: pls. refer to "rückblick"


night - densified         munich

underneath the veil of the night
the light is shining (khalil gibran)  
interactive concept by michaela pods-aue

what will remain after the visible light has been taken away? darkness - or the essential?

lyrics and music of the night combined with phosphorising glass collages and special lights will make the light shine that is underneath.
works: gabrieli, tallis, byrd, purcell, ligeti, whitacre, hirsch

madrigalchor der hochschule für musik und theater münchen, dir.: prof. martin steidler
glass collages: michaela pods-aue
light design: philipp stegmüller

munich, october 24th 2009, at 8:00 PM 
hochschule für musik und theater münchen

in memoriam heinrich kaminski - münchen

heinrich kaminski (1886-1946) is one of the great 20th century composers. famous in his early years, the nazis have put an end to his career.

"kaminski is the only composer of importance, whose work has not recovered from the verdict by the nazis so far."(heinz-klaus metzger)

now it is time: kaminski has to be rewarded his due honour. finally.

works of heinrich kaminski
and sofia gubaidulina

streichquintett fis-moll
messe deutsch
der mensch

orpheus chor münchen, gerd guglhör
casal quartett
recitation: iris berben
project by mpa
21. november 2009, christuskirche münchen

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